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develop the trading system
« on: January 23, 2019, 03:58:17 PM »
Record and develop the trading system with the help of a trading journal.

All professional traders must start as beginners. However, not all beginner traders can become professional traders. The reason is that professional traders are disciplined in using a trading journal to record an MM setup (position sizing, Risk vs. Reward ratio) each time a position is opened and closed.

From the notes in the trading journal, professional traders can develop MM setups to adjust current market conditions, even though they only use simple technical analysis such as price action and moving averages. That's the reason why professional traders don't need to change indicators.
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Learn to use the Forex calendar.

Fundamental analysis is indeed less suitable for use by novice traders because of the high level of difficulty. However, at the very least, you must learn to use the forex calendar to increase awareness at any time the Forex market is predicted to experience price fluctuations.
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Usually, the higher the expected impact of a news release relating to a currency, the greater and longer the potential for price fluctuations will take place. For this reason, traders are aware of technical analysis weaknesses in volatile market conditions, then decide to withdraw from the market until the situation returns to normal.